Baum FSLT Rechtsanwälte
Baum FSLT Rechtsanwälte
Jungfrauenthal 16
D-20149 Hamburg
T +49 175 872 43 79

Legal Notices

Baum FSLT Rechtsanwälte is the Trade Name of

Roland Baum


Baum FSLT Rechtsanwälte
Jungfrauenthal 16
D-20149 Hamburg
T +49 175 872 43 79

VAT Identification Number

DE 813939651

Competent Bar Association

The lawyers of the firm are admitted to the bar in Germany and are members of the bar association:

Hanseatische Rechtsanwaltskammer Hamburg
Valentinskamp 88
D-20355 Hamburg
T +49 40 3574 410
F +49 40 3574 4141

Professional Rules and Regulations

The relevant professional rules and regulations for lawyers can be accessed and viewed under the "Berufsrecht" section of the Bundesrechtsanwaltskammer website ( These include, in particular, the following:

Bundesrechtsanwaltsordnung (BRAO),
Berufsordnung (BORA),
Fachanwaltsordnung (FAO)
Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz (RVG)
Berufsregeln der Rechtsanwälte der Europäischen Union (CCBE)

Out-of-Court Dispute Settlement

Disputes between lawyers and their clients can be settled out of court on request by the regional Chamber of Lawyers (Rechtsanwaltskammer) (pursuant to section 73 (2) no. 3 in connection with section 73 (5) of the Federal Regulations for Lawyers (BRAO) or by the Federal Conciliation Body (Schlichtungsstelle der Rechtsanwaltschaft) of the Federal Chamber of Lawyers (section 191f BRAO), which can be found on the Internet on the homepage of the Federal Chamber of Lawyers (Bundesrechtsanwaltskammer) ( or by e-mail:

Professional Liability Insurance

Allianz Versicherungs-AG
10900 Berlin.

The liability insurance does not cover claims relating to legal advice

a)  rendered in offices in another state outside Germany
b)  in respect of laws and regulations outside the EU
c)  in connection with a representation at courts outside the EU


Copyright in the content of this website or any part thereof is owned by Roland Baum.

You may download, temporarily store and print material on this website for use within your organisation as long as you do not alter any of the materials and that you ensure that each copy clearly acknowledges Baum FSLT Rechtsanwälte as the source.

Any other download, storage, printing, copying, transmission or distribution of the content of or the publications on this website requires the prior written consent of Roland Baum. Please address requests to Roland Baum (

Information and Waiver of Liability

Every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information on this website. However, any and all liability which might arise from your use of, or reliance on, the information or links contained on the website is excluded.

The information on this site is general information and does not constitute legal advice.

Governing Law

This legal notice and all issues regarding this website are governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.


The internet pages of Baum FSLT Rechtsanwälte enable copyright-protected material on legal topics to be retrieved or downloaded free of charge. Baum FSLT Rechtsanwälte is, however, unable to guarantee that the content is correct, complete and up to date. The content represents only the personal views of the author in question at the stated time of preparation and constitutes general information. It is neither intended nor suitable as advice in specific cases. The content was designed to accompany or offer ideas on specific topics  and was therefore not prepared with a view to providing exhaustive information on certain subjects or replacing the provision of advice, in whole or in part in specific cases.

Users may retrieve, download, store and print out content made available for retrieval or downloading for private, non-commercial use provided that they retain, unchanged, all copyright (e.g. details of sources) and other protected references regarding the content. Users may not present, send, reproduce, disseminate, alter, transfer or hire out any content (including text, images, audio, video, PowerPoint, Adobe, Acrobat, Word or other data) or keep the same for retrieval or reproduce them on through visual or sound recordings or radio programmes for public or commercial purposes without the written consent of Baum FSLT Rechtsanwälte.

Data Protection

The personal data that you provide to this website through the internet (e.g. your name, address or e-mail address) will be processed only for correspondence with you or for the purpose for which you make the data available to Baum FSLT Rechtsanwälte. You may object to this use of personal data at any time. Baum FSLT Rechtsanwälte points out that online data transmission, for example in connection with e-mail communications may involve security gaps. It is not possible to fully protect the data from third-party access.

No Advertisements

The use of contact details provided on this website for sending us advertisements and other information material which we have not explicitely requested. Baum FSLT Rechtsanwälte reserves the right to legal measures in the event of unsolicited advertisements and spam mails.

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